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John Ploog - March 13, 2022

It matters whom we serve

Pastor John

Pride rears its ugly head in countless institutions and relationships. You do something for someone and when those you serve neglect to thank you it kind of irks you. Am I right? Oh, you didn’t do it for drum rolls and applause. But, hmmm, you sometimes take notice and ask yourself…? Or you find yourself in a small gathering of family or friends, and someone expresses strong opposition to something you hold dear, and you are made to feel like an outsider, and it hurts…your pride. Walls between teammates begin, growing one brick at a time. This sort of thing happens at times in churches, between Christians who should be on the same team. Aren’t we supposed to be serving the Lord side-by-side? Yes, but our pride often overrides a pure heart over some issue. Instead, we serve our self-interests. We must be reminded, “It matters whom we serve.”

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