John Ploog - August 30, 2020

Round up your thoughts

The Fear of the Lord

We toss and turn on our beds. What should I do? What shall I say? What if what I do makes things worse? Maybe I’ll just write a letter. Or should I call when I know no one will be there to pick up, and then I’ll just leave a voice mail. That’s it; a voicemail…. Ringing, ringing, “Hello.” Now what? Oh no! Just hang up…now! Oh no, they have caller ID. Now it must be face-to-face. But, what will they think? I wish I could just fly away. Sure, it’s happened to me. When have you wrestled with just the right way to deal with a difficult situation? What do you do when your solution could have used some fine-tuning? “A person’s thoughts are like water in a deep well, but someone with insight can draw them out” (Prov. 20:5, TEV). So, where do we get such insight? The Apostle Paul faced “thin-ice relationships” on many occasions. His divinely inspired solution: round up your thoughts…in God’s presence. (2 Corinthians 10:1-5)

From Series: "The Fear of the Lord"

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