About Calvary  | El Calvario Ministries

Our mission is helping seekers find intimacy with God so that they will become fully devoted followers of Christ, leading to transformed lives, and impacting our community for good. 

Calvary was birthed at the peak of The Depression.  As evidence that God wanted to do something in Whittier, this place of Worship was built debt free.  One of the wonderful legacies of Calvary is its people. Calvary's people are friendly, comfortable and desire to see God move in this city and their lives. We continue to participate with God in this city and around the world.

Our Vision

If we are faithful and God blesses, our congregation will grow into an increasingly diverse community of people representing a variety of generations and cultures.

Our Values

  1. Everybody Counts
  2. Everybody Cares
  3. Everybody Contributes
  4. Transparent Truth is Our Custom
  5. Accountability is Our Routine

Our Priorities


Clarifying what seekers must do in response to Jesus Christ.

1 John 5:11-13


Young children will be active participants in our fellowship. Our neighbors will welcome our ministry. And a growing number of people will find hope and fulfillment through new life in Jesus Christ.

We will eagerly and regularly gather for worship and fellowship to foster enthusiasm and reverence. Our members will enjoy thriving, healthy spiritual relationships, gathering in groups that work and grow together well. Our missionaries will know they are loved by our congregation because of the myriad of practical ways that we support and serve them. Our families will enjoy discovering real answers from God and genuine community with one another. Our children will know they are appreciated and loved, not only by their parents, but also by their peers and other caring adults in our fellowship.

Our Team

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