Do You Miss Your Bible?

This is what it means to love your Bible

 Tears of Joy over my bible

This is Amy Schultz.  She just graduated Magna Cum Laude from CSU Fullerton with a BS in Child and Adolescent development and a Minor in Natural Science.  The fascinating thing about this young woman is that she graduated with such honor and doesn’t seem to be seeking the most prestigious teaching job to start out.  Most people believe they are more than they are or seek jobs above their abilities.  In an age when recent grads expect large paychecks, more responsibility, or the head job; here, the brightest among them is seeking the job of a servant.  Amy is joining an organization called Teachers For America.  They believe that every student in America should have a chance at an excellent education.  They take recent graduates and put them in lower income areas. Thus, Amy is joining them in rural Mississippi, where she will dive right into their community because she wants to teach kids who don’t have good access to education.


What gives a sharp woman like Amy the drive to give so much of herself to others when she could most likely land the big job?  She is profoundly gripped by Jesus and His Word. 


On Mothers Day, Amy was here at Calvary visiting her grandparents Ron and Nancy Shultz. When she left, she had forgotten something very precious to her, her Bible.  If you read your Bible it becomes very much a part of you.  It has notes, markings, journal entries, and ideas. In some cases, these may have taken years to complete in one precious Bible.  It is yours, with your thoughts and no one else’s.  You know the pages intimately, and you know what side of the page your favorite verses fall on, whether on the left or the right and that its layout is completely different from other Bibles.  With as profoundly personal an individual’s Bible might be to him or her, above all, it is God’s Word. For these reasons, Amy loves her Bible. 


For over a month she looked everywhere and no one could find it at any part of the facility at Calvary.  On June 30th (over a month from the time she had left it behind), she decided to give one last ditch effort in locating her lost Bible.  She asked if she could take a look around church.  I agreed to help look. When I was first greeted at the office door by Amy, I did notice that her eyes were watery, but passed it off to be allergies. I had no idea it was because she was saddened with the agonizing notion that her Bible might be lost forever.  After unsuccessfully locating her Bible, I informed her that we would let her know if her Bible turned up. With tears in her eyes, and no perceivable history of allergies, she went her way.


My wife and I decided to take one more look and found it in an unassuming corner of one of the side offices of the sanctuary. Instantly I called her grandmother and asked her to notify Amy to inform her of the good news and within minutes she drove back and was able to reunite with her Bible.  She was overjoyed. 


This little morning episode got me excited about people who love their Bibles because they are excited about what God says.  This leaves me with one question to ponder.  If I lost my Bible today, would I miss it?