Being Dad

Pastor Israel addresses two simple but vital issues regarding our investment with our children.

Israel Trin and Abram



What will the dad’s of Calvary do with the kids God has given us?


What does God require of being a dad?  How will I know if I made the right kind of investment with my kids? 


Ask a dad, almost any dad, what kind of dad they are and they will most likely say they are a pretty good one.  Across the board every dad thinks he’s a pretty good father, especially if their child has decent behavior at school and home, especially if the child excels at school and sports.  If these things seem to be going well then most dads feel and think they are doing a pretty good job.  But are they?  The answer could be a big fat NO! The reason is you can have someone excelling at sport, school, and behavior yet not be of your doing but the doing of others.


Time is not on our side.  If we are going to make the right investment with our kids then the time is now and not next week.  Eventually we can look across the room at our kids and they will no longer be kids.  They will be full blown adults.  The question for us as dad’s is whether or not we made the investment in our kids that matters for eternity.  Or did we go through life, see them in the background when we got home from work, and quite frankly, just ignore them for 15 years. 


Two Practical Thoughts


            Make time for your kids

This means being responsible enough to pick a time and even schedule it for our kids without anything else interrupting it.  This does not just mean a family outing (which is important as well). But this is about dedicated time with just ONE child and no one else.  It would also be wise to pick something the child would enjoy and not what would be our favorite pass time.  For me it would be playing disc golf, MMA, or surfing. But my children have no interest in any of these things.  My daughter would love a cake pop at Starbucks and my son loves a good old fashioned Nerf Gun shoot-out or time over Legos.


            Take opportunities to explain what you know about Jesus and His Word

Life happens every day and we can talk with our kids about what God expects of us in life.  First, we must have time with them to actually speak about these things.  Second, we must have a working knowledge of Scripture.  Honestly dad’s, this is going to happen as you wrestle with the Scriptures and what God has for you.  No teacher can teach without a little bit of thinking through the material.  Our material is the Word of God and we must learn how to work it in our own lives and the lives of our children with great wisdom.  If you feel like you don’t know a thing about what God says, don’t worry, talk about what you do know which should be about the grace of God that was shown you. That you were once lost but God saved you.  That you were a sinner but are now a saint because of Christ.  That you were once unforgiving but now are forgiven.  That you were once dirty but now are clean and guilt free.  Our children must hear us speak of the words of grace that God has shown us.  Do not rely on the instruction of others alone.  It is the parent that is the main teacher in a child’s life. You’re it! You are the plan A for your child.


It Falls On Us


Dad’s I’m speaking to myself as well.  These are just a couple of things that God expects out of us as a Dad.  And we can know if we have made the right investment with our kids if they have received the loving time they need and truth of Scripture.  We can’t change their hearts or minds but we can have a radical influence on them. 


The question falls on us as men.  Will we be the loving fathers we need to be? Or will there be a day when our eyes gaze up from a kitchen table at an adult that we don't know?