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Lunch Out

On July 6th plan to go out with someone in the Calvary family to share lunch. Go "Dutch", have a picnic, go to a home, or be creative.  We are people who love each other and this pleases God.  Hang out and have a meal. 


Hey Guys! It's "Guy Time" July 7th 6pm-8pm join us for a little dodge ball in the Gym. It will be an experience!

Cheeseburgers & Beans

July 13 after the Worship Service, stick around after the service for a grilled cheeseburger, baked beans, and the rest of the fix-ins. We promise the fellowship will be just as good as the food.

Youth (The Redeemed)

The special event this month is the Laguna Beach overnight event. Get a flyer from the youth page, or at the regular youth meetings.  It is going to be sweet! Don't let your kid miss out.