Robert & Stephanie Melotti serve as missionaries to rural north America through Village Missions.  Our field is located in the center of Arizona, in a town called Tonto Basin, just 90 miles northeast of Phoenix.  Robert also serves as the pastor of Tonto Basin Bible Church, and Stephanie leads the worship in the services.  Our aim is to reach people with the love of Jesus, inside and outside the local church.
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Pat and Joyce have lived in Quebec, Canada since 1988 serving with Missions Door at SEMBEQ, a French Evangelical Baptist Seminary where Pat is the Director of Graduate Studies. He is deeply committed to the training of theologically prepared national pastoral leadership for the French work in Quebec. This involves student direction as well as teaching, personal mentoring and coaching. 
Joyce is a mentor, coach and conference speaker to women and also a professional artist. Joyce and Pat have five adult children (three married) and four grandchildren. 
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Wonders of Science ministry presents Scriptural truths through God's creation to skeptics not comfortable with religiosity or superficial answers to their genuine questions.  We travel world-wide when requested, but mainly in the US to universities, military, prisons and communities of any size where there is a need for a unique approach in sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.    
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Steve and Bonnie Aldrich have served with OC Since 1973. As veteran field missionaries, the Aldriches serve as a mentor couple during OC's training programs in the summer. They also serve as a members of the Personnel Interview Committee and team teach at OC training events. Steve is a Founder and Executive Director of Lifeworkx and travels extensively to the OC Global Alliance fields as well as to other locations. Lifeworkx is a subsidiary ministry of OC since 2005 
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Patrick serves as Director of Training and Mentoring for Latin America with E3 Partners, being asked to train and mentor in-country leaders. Debbie serves as Church Planting Coordinator, facilitating church planting efforts through relations with both in–country nationals and North American church planting participants.  Patrick and Debbie travel tirelessly throughout Latin America, but also in Africa and India so as to train and mobilize others for church planting movements. They have been missionaries since the 1980’s and still love it!    They ministered in Uptown Whittier with the Calvary Baptist Spanish ministry, while there were in Seminary.
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Larry and Kay Marlatt are missionaries with Missions Door, we seek to provide spiritual leadership and discipleship training for urban Christians and inner-city churches. In 1989 we established and direct Denver Urban Academy (URBACAD). About 600 course completion certificates have been awarded. In 2001 we established and serve as president of a Christian university, along with 18 other inner-city ministries. American Pathways University (APU) is accredited, accessible, and affordable for inner-city Christians. Over 1,500 students have taken classes and can earn an A.A., B.A., or M.A. in 20 vocational pathways, including counseling, leadership, and ministry.    
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We work with Missions Door serving our international missionaries in Central America and the Caribbean in the area of advocacy.  We represent them, speak for them and help them connect with their supporters.  We produce videos to give them a tool to communicate their ministries.  We also help with travel arrangements and hosting.
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We provide clergy care to pastors and their wives In Japan via seminars, preaching, serenity cafés, mentoring, coaching and counseling.
Eriko Is also a research fellow Interviewing survivors and church leaders to assist the church In Japan to develop church planting principles.  
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Ross and Vicki Lokken serve at Hope Again in Hollywood
The mission of Hope Again is to provide transitional housing for the disenfranchised and marginalized poor in our society. We seek to guide them toward a successful, independent future. Hope Again provides a Bible-based program of classes and case management to restore hope to the hopeless. If you want to email the Ross and Vicki you can at

Come to Him Ministries is a “Ministry of Christ's Mercy” that opened its doors to the community in 2004. We are a non-profit faith based organization providing a safe and clean Christian transitional facility. We are located in Orange and Los Angeles County and have 4 different locations. We reach out to individuals who have experienced some type of personal crises which has left them homeless. This crisis may include abuse, addiction, mental illness, poverty, a low paying job or divorce. Our goal is to guide these individuals into a Christ-centered, Christ-sufficient lifestyle which brings a great witness to our communities and great glory to God!
Come to Him Ministries has helped hundreds of individuals and families succeed in our community by laying an effective Christ -centered foundation of principles and values. This is done through Bible studies, mentor programs, support and counseling teams, job and life skills training. We also receive great support from God's grace, private donors, community volunteers and staff. If you want to bless the chambers please email at
Carl and Dian Long relocated to Bangkok, Thailand after a full and fruitful career in Tokyo, Japan. They now serve as hosts and connectors for TEAM colleagues. TEAM has other missionaries in other parts of Thailand, but no long-termers in the capital city of Bangkok. Having the Longs here is strategic because they are discovering the network of churches and organizations with whom TEAM can partner. They are beginning to do outreach and Bible studies with many people, including Thai, Burmese, Pakistanis, and other international expats. 
Dian has jumped right in helping with the Bible Study Fellowship program in Bangkok. Carl has continued to travel back to Tokyo once a month to help with preaching responsibilities at a church there. Those monthly trips allowed him to stay in touch with folks there as well as students and staff at the Christian Academy of Japan (CAJ). Carl sees more opportunities for him in developing in Bangkok such as helping to mentor TEAM teachers who take up positions at the Bangkok Christian International School (BCIS). He may also take turns preaching at the international church they attend in their Bangkok neighborhood, called Chaengwattana Community Church. http://www.cccthailand.org/
Please continue to pray for Carl and Dian as they transition into these new roles and relationships. Even though they are veteran missionaries, they also need accountability partners, friends, and teammates. TEAM plans to place more workers into Bangkok in the coming years. Thank you for your encouragement and support for the Longs. If you have any questions feel free to browse the TEAM website to learn more about our ministries around the world.  www.team.org