Our Mission

Our Story

Calvary was birthed at the peak of the Depression in 1929.  It started as a small group of committed Christians in a home Bible study, and grew to the point where land was purchased and a church was build in 1929, all debt-free!  Isn't it amazing to watch how God provides?!

We believe that God has called the people of this church to present the Gospel in an uncomplicated and common sense way, and help each other grow into fully devoted followers of Christ. We want Calvary to truly be a church that is committed to Christ and passionately following Him. We're regular, ordinary people who serve a truly extraordinary God! Our desire is to be culturally relevant and Biblically sound, attracting others to the Gospel message and relationship with Jesus Christ. 

One of the wonderful legacy's of Calvary is Whittier Christian Schools, started in 1947. This fine school has educated and nurtured the faith and intellect of thousands of students for decades. And now Calvary continues to witness what God wants to do in this city and around the world through future leaders.

Our Mission

Calvary Baptist Church has been assigned by our Lord the mission of helping seekers find intimacy with God so that they will become fully devoted followers of Christ, leading to transformed lives, and impacting our community for good. 

Our vision

If we are faithful and God blesses, our congregation will grow into an increasingly diverse community of people representing a variety of generations and cultures.  We will continue to cultivate a reputation as a joyful, open, caring church firmly founded in the truth of scripture. Families will find us to be a dependable resource for spiritual transformation and nurture, practical guidance, and academic support. Many families with young children will be active participants in our fellowship.  Our neighbors will welcome our ministry. And a growing number of people will find hope and fulfillment through new life in Jesus Christ.

We will eagerly and frequently gather for worship and fellowship in fresh facilities that foster enthusiasm and reverence. Our members will enjoy thriving, healthy spiritual relationships, gathering in groups that work and grow together well. Our missionaries will know they are loved by our congregation because of the myriad of practical ways that we support and serve them. Our families will enjoy discovering real answers from God and genuine community with one another. Our children will know they are appreciated and loved, not only by their parents, but also by their peers and other caring adults in our fellowship. 

Our Guiding Principles (Values)

Every person counts.
Everybody cares.
Everybody contributes.
Transparent truth is our custom.
Accountability is our routine.

Our Priorities (based on Acts 2:37-47)

Evangelism—clarifying what seekers must do in response to Jesus Christ. 1 John 5:11-13
Worship—corporate celebrations of the work and person of God.
Teaching—leading believers to know and do all that Jesus said. Matthew 28:18-20
Prayer—communion with our heavenly Father.
Fellowship—God-centered, Spirit-enabled, soul-deep relationships of mutually edifying love  1 John 1:3. Participating with each other in glorifying God.
Equipping—training saints to fulfill works of service to which the Lord calls them.
Resources—a sufficient foundation of leaders, funds, and facilities for the accomplishment of God’s vision.